We are collecting bug chalk art from all over the world! Get out your chalk, create a buggy masterpiece, snap a pic and upload here!


Number of Submissions: 87

BugFest and bugs in sidewalk chalk
Praying mantis out of chalk
Bugfest out of chalk
A beautiful fly drawn in chalk
BugFest in chalk with a little girl
A Picture of a fly drawn in pencil
A girl sitting cross-legged by a BugFest chalk drawing
BugFest in blue and red
BugFest and a Fly out of chalk
Three chalk flies for BugFest
A girl sitting next to BugFest in chalk with a chalk bee and some flowers
BugFest 2020 in Chalk
BugFest in Chalk with a Fat Bug
BugFest Bugs out of chalk
A little girl with sidewalk chalk
Robber Fly out of chalk art
Colorful BugFest in Chalk
Two girls with BugFest in chalk on the driveway
A detailed BugFest fly in chalk
BugFest chalk art and Orchid the dog
A fly face out of chalk
BugFest Green Soldier Fly out of chalk
A Chalk fly dressed as a king
Pink BugFest and a young girl
A BugFest moth
BugFest Fly in Chalk with pink flowers and a black and white dog
Chalk BugFest in pink stripey letters
Chalk bugs
BugFest in chalk with butterflies
A small BugFest fly on ceramic tiles
BugFest made out of bugs
Red-footed Cannibalfly for BugFest
Two little boys and butterfly life cycle in chalk
BugFest with flies and stones
A stone painted with BugFest left on the top of Mt. Mitchell
A little girl in sunglasses by bugfest in chalk
A cutechalk bug and two young girls
Cute chalk bugs, two people and a silver truck
A colorful BugFest in chalk with a butterfly
BugFest chalk and a drain pipe
Chalk BugFest and an assortment of chalk bugs
Drawing of a yellow butterfly
A child's drawing of a bee
Two young girls and a chalk bugfest with a caterpillar
A little boy and chalk that says "celebrate bugs we love bugfest"
Chalk bugfest with assorted bugs
Bugfest and a colorful chalk fly
A girl sitting next to a chalk rainbow bug and bugfest
a chalk fly and dragonfly and bugfest
bugfest 2020 and a dragonfly
colorful chalk bugfest
A bugfest fly with blue wings
a young woman by bugfest in chalk
a young woman by a cursive bugfest and an assortment of chalk bugs
Chalk bugfest and four chalk ladybugs
chalk bugfest with flowers and a butterfly
Someone sitting next to chalk bugfest and bugs
Fun chalk bugfest letters and a couple of bugs
three bug drawings, a bugfest, a tree and a girl with both
BugFest 2020 in chalk with bugs and flowers
a chalk honeybee
a child's chalk drawing of a praying mantis
Two young girls and a chalk bugfest
Three kids and a bugfest chalkboard-one is a hairy spider costume
A chalk bugfest with a butterfly
Chalk bugfest 2020 with a bug face
an excellent chalk praying mantis and bugfest 2020
BugFest and a chalk dragonfly and butterfly
cute bugfest bugs and a tulip and yellow stars
bugfest and a striped caterpillar in chalk
a boy with big chalk bugs
a little girl with a big chalk dragonfly
a little boy with chalk bugs
chalk ladybug and bugfest 2020
chalk bugfest 2020 and a green dragonfly
a super cool chalk scorpion
a beautiful pastel bugfest dragonfly
an amazing detailed carolina mantis chalky bugfest
a chalk caterpillar metamorphing into a butterfly
bugfest 2020 and three chalk dragonflies with blue bodies
BugFest will little bugs in chalk on wood
A boy with chalk bugfest and some big bugs
two kids with chalk art
A colorful bug in chalk that says fly down to bugfest
a little girl a caterpillar and chalk bugfest 2020
a beautiful chalk lightning bug