Program Presentation Volunteers

Curiosity Classes

Volunteers present hands-on programs to visiting school groups (Kindergarten–Grade 5) using live animals and objects from the Museum’s teaching collection. More about Curiosity Classes
Time commitment: 2–3 weekday mornings per month during the traditional school year (October–June; Tuesday–Friday; 9:15 am–1 pm)
Training: Specialized training to enhance natural history knowledge and programming skills; on-the-job training; animal handling training.

Discovery Room

Volunteers assist and present programs to groups of Preschool–Grade 1 students who have scheduled Discovery Room programs. Program topics include rocks, dinosaurs and pond and backyard animals. More about Discovery Fun programs
Time commitment: Weekly or alternate week mornings during the traditional school year (Tuesday–Friday)
Training: Specialized training to learn natural history information, age-appropriate program techniques and how to interact positively with young children

Volunteer Application Form

For more information, contact Tullie Johnson, volunteer coordinator, at 919.707.9895.