Areas for Guided Learning

Discovery Room

Volunteers interact with the public and help Discovery Room visitors examine and touch specimens that normally are only seen. More about the Discovery Room

Time commitment:  One 3-hour weekend shift per month or 1–2 afternoon shifts per month (Tuesday–Sunday during Discovery Room public hours)
Training:  Specialized training in all aspects of the room and in interacting with families and young children; on-the-job training.

Exploration Station Carts

Volunteers interact with visitors and provide information on natural history topics. Cart topics include both live animal displays as well as non-living presentations such as minerals or skeletons. Occasional volunteer projects involve assisting in the development of new cart topics.

Time commitment:  two-hour shifts 2–3 times per month (Monday–Sunday during Museum hours)
Training:  5–8 hours of group and individual training

Living Conservatory

Volunteers introduce visitors to the Conservatory and monitor interactions between visitors and the exhibit. Occasionally volunteers run cart programs outside the Conservatory.  More about the Living Conservatory

Time commitment:  two-hour shifts 3–4 times per month (Tuesday–Friday, 10 am–3 pm; Saturday 11 am–4 pm; Sunday 1 pm–4 pm)
Training:  On-the-job training, specialized training on natural history of the new world tropics and animal handling training.

Naturalist Center

Volunteers greet and assist Naturalist Center visitors as they interact with specimens and resources available in the Center. Occasional volunteer projects include preparing, labeling and curating specimens. More about the Naturalist Center

Time commitment:  At least 6–8 hours per month
Training:  On-the-job training; experience with computers and/or curation of specimens helpful.

Volunteer Application Form

For more information, contact Tullie Johnson, volunteer coordinator, at 919.707.9895.