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Main Building

Level &
Amenities &
Capacity Availability Rental Fee

Level A

Meeting Room
  • Small domestic kitchen
  • Podium
  • Screen, projector
  • Document camera
  • 65" Plasma
  • Computer, Wi-Fi
75 reception
55 seated
Day and Night $300 Half Day

$500 Full Day

First Floor

First Floor Exhibit Areas
  • Beautiful, natural coastal environment, live seahorses and coastal animals, sandy beach area with wildlife
  • Access to Lobby, Coastal Carolina, and NC Natural Treasures
  • Catering workroom and kitchen
  • Access to Auditorium requires an additional fee
440 reception
250 seated
Night only $950
First Floor and
  • CD-quality surround sound; high-tech digital theater, 22-foot HDTV and broadcast system; state-of-the-art high-definition projection system
  • Professional audiovisual technician and camera technician available to assist with taping events for major media
  • Press conference capabilities
  • Laptop, wireless microphone, museum and portable sound systems.
  • Includes access to First Floor
260 +
Night only $1,250

Second Floor

Second Floor
Exhibit Areas
  • Stunning 20-foot, 2-story waterfall cascading down the mountain side
  • Beautiful natural mountain environment
  • Scenic coastal overlook
  • Nature Explorers Hall
  • Access to Special Exhibits Gallery is an additional fee
425 reception,
220 seated
Night only $1,000
Second Floor and
Special Exhibits
  • Large open room includes access to Second Floor
825 reception,
420 seated
Limited Availability $1,500

Third Floor

Third Floor
Exhibit Areas
  • Includes Mountains to the Sea, Terror of the South, Prehistoric NC, and Tropical Connections
  • Breathtaking glass dome with dramatic, two-tier lighting and spectacular views of the city of Raleigh
  • 110-million-year-old Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur, the only one of its kind displayed anywhere in the world
450 reception
250 seated
Night only $1,200

Fourth Floor

Fourth Floor
Exhibit Areas
  • Lofty space with skylight
  • View of Living Conservatory, a re-creation of a dry tropical rainforest featuring live butterflies, turtles, a sloth, tarantula and habitat specific plants
  • Access to Arthropod Zoo
  • Available until 9 pm
250 reception
180 seated
Night only $600

Fifth Floor

Board Room and Bicentennial Terrace
  • Dramatic, beautiful views of Capitol, Legislative Buildings and the city of Raleigh
  • Impressive corporate boardroom with glass walls and attached outdoor terrace
  • High-definition Plasma TV projection and state-of-the-art equipment for meetings
40 reception
35 seated
Day and Night $300 Half Day

$500 Full Day


First and Second Floors:
  • Excludes Auditorium, Discovery Room and Special Exhibits Gallery
850 capacity Night only $1,800
First, Second and Third Floors:
  • Same as First and Second
  • Excludes Classrooms and Windows on the World
1300 capacity Night only $2,700
First, Second, Third and Fourth Floors:
  • Same as First, Second and Third
  • Excludes Living Conservatory and Naturalist Center
1500 capacity Night only $3,100

Prices shown above are for a four-hour period of time between the hours of 6 pm and 10 pm (unless otherwise noted).

Nature Research Center

Evening Events

Area Capacity Price
First Floor

Seated Dinner: 120
Reception Style: 275

Second Floor Reception Style: 200 $1,400*
Third Floor Reception Style: 200 $1,400*
Fourth Floor Seated Dinner: 175
Reception Style: 250

*These prices include a 4-hour time slot and the use of our tables and chairs. (Currently twelve 60" round tables and 150 mahogany chairs.

Day-time Events

Area Price
William G. Ross Jr. Environmental Conference Center (4th Floor) All Day: $1,300
William G. Ross Jr. Environmental Conference Center (4th Floor) Half-day: $1,100

Prices subject to change.