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Celebrate trees with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Trees R Us poster - Join us in a celebration of trees!What would we do without trees? They grow while we sleep, and effortlessly provide us with many services essential for life on our planet – from producing oxygen, storing carbon and providing a home for numerous species, to being a reliable source of food, building materials, and even shade. Scientists and educators of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and its new wing, the Nature Research Center (NRC), invite you to join them in a celebration of trees. Beginning in August and running through the end of 2012, watch out for some amazing tree-related science as part of our “TREES R US” theme. All free.

Check back on this page, as well as our Facebook and Twitter sites, for more information on upcoming tree-related events and activities. Highlights include:


Conservation of African Forests
Bernard Nkongmeneck, University of Yaounde, Cameroon
August 1 at 4pm (French) and 4:30 (English) in the Daily Planet Theater

Ants in your Pants
Mark “Dr. Bugs” Moffett, explorer and photojournalist
September 13 at 7pm in the Daily Planet Cafe

National Fossil Day
Five talks on paleobotany
October 17, noon-5pm

Forest Biodiversity in the Smokies
Todd Witcher, Executive Director, Discover Life in America
October 18 at 7pm in the Daily Planet Cafe

Science Saturday: Building the Bridge between Forest Science and Management with Web Technology
Emrys Treasure, Biological Scientist, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center, USDA Forest Service
Ages 12 and up
December 1 at 11am in Windows on the World


Black River Paddle
Saturday, October 6, 2012, 7am–9pm

Paddle the beautiful Black River, which flows by some of the oldest living trees in the eastern United States.  Ancient Bald Cypress Trees are found along this black water river, some of which are believed to be almost 2000 years old!

More Information about the Black River Paddle trip

Ongoing Activities

  • Join us in the Natural World iLab (NRC, 2nd floor) to explore the meaning of tree growth rings by examining tree cookies from different species, and watch a demonstration of tree coring.
  • Examine forest insects under a microscope in the Biodiversity Research Lab (NRC, 2nd floor).
  • Visit the Micro World iLab and learn about fungi and their role in wood decomposition, forest floor ecology, and the health of forests; watch Photosynthesis and Transpiration experiment demonstrations; or take a program:
  • Study samples of North Carolina’s 200+ tree species in the Naturalist Center (NRC, 2nd floor).

In the Works

  • Tree-climbing workshops with pioneering canopy biologist and NRC Director Dr. “Canopy Meg” Lowman.
  • “Tree of Life” culinary experiences will introduce you to different foods and drinks based within or around forests.

The Trees R Us theme also celebrates the partnership between the Museum and the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station. SRS is part of the Nation’s largest forestry research organization, with scientists conducting domestic and international forest science research and engaging in collaborative efforts that contribute to natural resource management and sustainability. 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012