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Teen Science Cafe: Starry Translators

Josh discussed how telescopes work and collect light, and teens had the chance to practice and see for themselves the different ways astronomers use light.

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Josh Fuchs

Teen Science Cafe: How Many Raccoons Are There?

One of the most important pieces of information that a wildlife biologist seeks is how many animals there are in a given population. This information can tell us if a population is increasing or decreasing over time and the effect of human activities such as conservation efforts, global warming or habitat destruction. Mark-recapture is arguably the most accurate method for estimating population size in mammals. Join Arielle Parsons as she explains the method and shares findings from her own work with raccoons on the Outer Banks.

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Arielle Parsons

Teen Science Cafe featuring "Canopy Meg"

The inaugural Teen Science Café with “Canopy” Meg Lowman and Rep. Tom Murry.

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Brian Malow and Meg Lowman at the first Teen Science Cafe
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