Natural Connections Pilot: Dino-mite!!

Join us on an adventure back in time to learn about dinosaurs!

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Natural Connections Pilot

Science Cafe: Living Dinosaurs

Over the past two decades paleontologists have been meticulously piecing together the greatest dinosaur survival story of all time — living birds.

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Science Cafe: Living Dinosaurs with Lindsay E. Zanno, Ph.D., June 13, 2013

Dinosaurs in Motion Press Conference

Press Conference for the Dinosaurs in Motion Special Exhibit, May 17, 2013. Featuring Museum Director Emlyn Koster, PhD; President & CEO of Imagine Exhibitions Tom Zaller; and Assistant Director of the Paleontology & Geology Research Lab, Dr. Paul Brinkman.

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Special Exhibit: Dinosaurs in Motion, Where Art & Science Meet, May 18-September 8
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