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Science Thursdays at the Museum

The Nature Research Center is open late every Thursday until 9pm.  Science cafes, beginner science classes, special programming and much more!

The NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ Daily Planet Café, located at 121 West Jones Street, will be closed September 2-30 for renovations. The Acro Café, located on the fourth floor of the main building at 11 West Jones Street, will be open and offering an expanded menu during that time. Catering will also still be available through Rocky Top Hospitality — contact Kaitlin Briggs, Catering Sales Manager, at 919.707.8057 for details. Stay tuned to for updates and confirmation of re-opening.

There will be no Science Cafés and Science Trivia during the month of September. 



September 18

Game Night!
6:00pm, NRC - Micro World Investigate Lab - 3rd floor
From Ocean-o-poly, Science Bingo and Pandemic to such Throwback-Thursday favorites as Mousetrap, Operation and Clue and Candyland, it’s all about having a great time with friends and family.

September 25

Nature Explorers' Drop-Off Program: Insect Invasion!
5:30pm, Museum of Natural Sciences

Enjoy a Night Out!

Need to catch up on some errands, go shopping, or have a date night? Been meaning to check out the Museum’s Thursday night hours, but haven’t had a chance? Give yourselves a night out and the kids a chance to learn about cool topics, play games, and make recycled crafts at the Museum with our Nature Explorers' Drop-off Program.

Science Behind Homebrewing
6:00pm, NRC - Natural World Investigate Lab - 2nd Floor
Have you ever wondered about homebrewed beer: what it involves and what it really takes to get started? Or have you ever tried homebrewing but it didn’t quite turn out the way you had hoped? What is really going on during the process of brewing beer anyway?

Science of Food: Yogurt
6:30pm, NRC - Micro World Investigate Lab- 3rd floor
Learn about the science of yogurt and go home with supplies to make a batch in your own kitchen.

Robot Lab
6:30pm, NRC - Visual World Investigate Lab - 3rd floor


Like robots? Ever wanted to make one? This beginner’s level class is for any scientist eleven years old and older who wants to learn how to make their own real robot. You will learn how to build an autonomous, Arduino powered robot from scratch, program it using a computer, and then compete against all of the other participants. This is a great way to be introduced to the exciting world of electronics and computer programming! 

October 2


Intermediate Programming: The Shape of Things
6:30pm, NRC - Visual World Investigate Lab, 3rd floor

Do you lie awake at night pondering questions like: How does a computer program draw shapes on a screen? Is there only one way to program a drawing of a circle? Is a circle really just a round square? If so, then this class is for you. Using a little coding you will learn three different ways you can draw circles with the programming language Small Basic. We will go over the basic math behind a circle and create our own drawings from the ground up. This class is intended for intermediate coders with some experience using a programming language.

Halloween Potions & Goo!
6:30pm, NRC - Micro World Investigate Lab, 3rd floor

In keeping with the eerie joy that is Halloween, we will explore the chemistry of fake fluids, potions and goo. Participants will learn why these substances act as they do and leave with some recipes to make their Halloween night appropriately ghoulish and glowing!

Science Connections Lecture: Extravagant Weapons
7pm, NRC - SECU Daily Planet Theater

The Story Behind Arms Races in Animals and Men
Douglas EmlenDouglas J. Emlen, Professor of Biology, The University of Montana
All ages welcome

This talk develops the idea that arms races driving the evolution of huge weapons in animals parallel the races we see in our own military past. Similar circumstances start each race, and, once started, both types of race proceed through the same sequence of stages. To an astonishing degree, crabs, beetles, and stags shed light on our weapon extremes.

Science Trivia!
7pm, NRC - The Daily Planet Café

What’s cooler than absolute zero? Find out at Science Trivia nights at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, where questions feature a mix of science facts, current news, pop culture and scientific discoveries. Held in the new wing's Daily Planet Cafe on the first Thursday of every month, this is a great opportunity to mingle with friends, compete for prizes and bragging rights ... and perhaps even learn something cool.

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