Research & Collections

Dale Russell

Curator Emeritus
Research Professor Emeritus, NCSU

Ph.D. (Geology) Columbia University, 1964
M.A. (Paleontology) U. of California, Berkeley, 1960
B.A. (Biological sciences) U. of Oregon, Eugene, 1958

Research Interests

Research emphasis is focused on the completion of a manuscript, to be published in the “Life of the Past” series of the University of Indiana Press. It consists of an overview on the evolution of life on land, with special reference to long-term trends and implications for the evolution of life on Earth-like planets elsewhere.

Other Appointments

Adjunct Professor, California State University, Sacramento

Selected Publications

Russell, D. A. 2009. Islands in the Cosmos; the evolution of terrestrial life. Indiana University Press, Bloomington, xxi + 453 p.

Russell, D. A., F. J. Rich, V. Schneider and J. Lynch-Stieglitz. 2009. A warm thermal enclave in the late Pleistocene of the south-eastern United States. Biological Reviews 84: 173-202.

Russell, D. A. 2005. The fitness of the Dinosaur Park ecosystem based upon fossil vertebrates. In D. R. Braman, F. Thrrien, E. B. Koppelhus and W. Taylor (editors), Dinosaur Park Symposium, Short Papers, Abstracts and Program, p. 85-97.

Russell, D. A. 1989. An Odyssey in Time, the Dinosaurs of North America. University of Toronto Press, 240 p. (in collaboration with E. Kish - artist; nominated for the 1989 Governor General's Award in Literature, Nonfiction).

Russell, D. A. 1983. Exponential evolution: implications for intelligent extraterrestrial life. Advances in Space Research 3: 95-103.