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Rowland Shelley

Dr. Rowland ShelleyCurator of Terrestrial Invertebrates

Ph.D. (Physiology) North Carolina State Univ., 1970
B.A. (Zoology) UNC Chapel Hill, 1964


Research Interests

Current research focuses on the phylogeny and distribution of Nearctic and northern Neotropical Diplopoda, generic relationships in the julidan family Parajulidae, and taxonomy and distribution of the centipede order Scolopendromorpha in the Western Hemisphere.

Selected Publications

Shelley, R.M., & S.I. Golovatch. 2011. Atlas of myriapod biogeography. I. Indigenous ordinal and supra-ordinal distributions in the Diplopoda: Perspectives on taxon origins and ages, and a hypothesis on the origin and early evolution of the class. Insecta Mundi, 158:1-134.

Shelley, R.M. 2007. Taxonomy of extant Diplopoda (Millipeds) in the modern era: Perspectives for future advancements and observations on the global diplopod community (Arthropoda: Diplopoda). pp. 343-362, In: Z-Q Zhang, & W.A. Shear (eds.), Linnaeus Tercentenary: Progress in Invertebrate Taxonomy. Zootaxa, 1668:1-766.

Shelley, R.M. 2002. A synopsis of the North American centipedes of the order Scolopendromorpha (Chilopoda).  Memoir of the Virginia Mu­seum of Natural History, 5:1-108­.

Shelley, R.M. 1990 (1989). Revision of the milliped family Eurymerodesmidae (Polydesmida:Chelodesmidea). Memoir of the American Entomological Society No. 37:1-112.

Shelley, R.M., & D.R. Whitehead. 1986. A reconsideration of the milliped genus Sigmoria, with a revision of Deltotaria, and an analysis of the genera in the tribe Apheloriini (Polydesmida: Xystodes­midae). Memoir of the American Entomological Society No. 35:1-223.

Complete Publications

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