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Calliope Hummingbird

(Stellula calliope)

The calliope is the smallest North American hummingbird.
Photo: Susan Campbell

This smallest North American species breeds in the northwestern United States mountains and adjacent Canada, and winters in western Mexico. North Carolina records for which the Museum has documentation include a young male in Brevard in November to early December 2000 and one in the fall of 2001 (different feeders). The 2001 bird was around for only five days.

This young male shows two magenta feathers.
Photo: Susan Campbell

The very first North Carolina sighting of this species was a young male found in New Bern in the mid 1990s. Bob and Martha Sargent, experienced hummingbird banders, saw another calliope in Buxton in 1997. The bird pictured here was sighted December 16 2001 in Winston-Salem and stayed the whole winter.

The first adult male calliope hummingbird in the state was banded in Hillsborough. It was present from December 2002 until the stormy weather in late January 2003.

Sighting map