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John Gerwin: Publications

Recent Publications & Presentations

Rogers, Elizabeth A., James A. Rotenberg, Laurel M. Barnhill, John A. Gerwin. 2012. Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris) Habitat and Vegetation Preferences in the Rural Inland Coastal Plains of South Carolina. Wilson Journal of Ornithology. (submitted).

Pearson, Scott M., John A. Gerwin. 2011. Mapping the breeding distribution of the Appalachian Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Wildlife Society Bulletin. (in revision).

Rupp, Ernst, Esteban Garrido, Jairo Isaa Matos, Gerson Féliz, José Luis Castillo, Jim Goetz, John A. Gerwin. 2011.  Discovery of a new nesting location for Black-capped Petrel (Pterodroma hasitata) in Haiti. Presented at the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, June 2011.

Rogers, E. C., J.A. Rotenberg, L. Barnhill, and John A. Gerwin. 2011. Should there be a requirement to protect forest edges included in the grassland oriented CP-33 in central South Carolina? Southeast Partners in Flight Annual Meeting, March 1–3, 2011, Lexington, KY. (Conference Presentation)

Rogers, E. C., J.A. Rotenberg, L. Barnhill, and John A. Gerwin. 2011. Painted Bunting and Other Passerine use of CP-33 Fields in Central South Carolina. Journal of Wildlife Management. (In review)

Latshaw, S.A., College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, USA; P.M. Nolan, The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina, USA; John A. Gerwin, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. 2011. Using the Habitat Preferences of Painted Buntings (Passerina ciris) to Guide Restoration Initiatives on a Developing Barrier Island in South Carolina Ecological Society of America Conference, August, 2011.(conference presentation)

Savage, Amelia L., Chris Moorman, John A. Gerwin, Clyde Sorenson. 2010. Prey Selection by Swainson’s Warblers on the Breeding Grounds.  Condor 112(3):605–614. 

Rotenberg, J. A., L.M. Barnhill, John A. Gerwin.  2008. The Painted Bunting Observer Team: Engaging Citizens to Collect Data to Answer Research Objectives.  4th International Partners in Flight Conference, "Tundra to Tropics: Connecting Birds, Habitats and People", McAllen, Texas, February 13–16. (Conference poster)

Pearson, Scott M., John A. Gerwin. 2007. Mapping breeding habitat distribution of the Appalachian Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in North Carolina. National Gap Analysis Program Conference 2007, Asheville, NC.

Rimmer, C., J. Klavins, John A. Gerwin, J. Goetz, J., and E. Fernandez. 2006. Ornithological Field Investigations In Macaya Biosphere Reserve, Haiti, 2–10 February 2006.  Vermont Institute of Natural Science Technical Report 06–04.

Simons, Theodore R. Jaime Collazo, David Lee, and John A. Gerwin. 2006. Conservation status of Black-capped Petrels (Pterodroma hasitata): colony surveys at Sierra de Baoruco, Dominican Republic, January 2002 (PDF).  December 2002 (Chap 3. from Simons et al. 2006 compendium prepared for USFWS)

Hazler, Kirsten R., A. Amacher, R. A. Lancia, John A. Gerwin. 2006. Factors Influencing Acadian Flycatcher Nesting Success In An Intensively Managed Forest Landscape.  Journal of Wildlife Management.  70(2) 532–538. 

Mitchell, Michael S., Scott H. Rutzmoser, T. Bently Wigley, Chris Loehle, John A. Gerwin, Patrick D. Keyser, Richard A. Lancia, R. W. Perry, Christopher J. Reynolds, Ronald Thill, Robert Weih, Donald White, Jr., Petra Bohall Wood. 2006. Relationships between avian richness and landscape structure at multiple scales using multiple landscapes. Forest Ecology and Management.  221:155–169.

Loehle, Chris, T. Bently Wigley, Scott H. Rutzmoser, John A. Gerwin, Patrick Keyser, Richard A. Lancia, Christopher J. Reynolds, Ronald Thill, Robert Weih, Don White Jr., Petra Bohall Wood. 2005. Managed forest landscape structure and avian species richness in the southeastern US.  Forest Ecology and Management.  214: 279–293. 

Peters, Kimberly A., R.A. Lancia, John A. Gerwin. 2005. Swainson’s Warbler Habitat Selection in a Managed Bottomland Hardwood Forest. Journal Of Wildlife Management 69(1): 409–417.

Turner, Chris J., R.A. Lancia, John A. Gerwin. 2001. Influences of Hardwood Stand Area and Adjacency on Breeding Birds in an Intensively Managed Pine Landscape.  Forest Science 48(2), 323–330.

Lee, David S., John A. Gerwin, R.B. Browning. 2001. Specimen documentation of unusual, and previously unrecorded birds from North Carolina. The Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. 117(2): 123–127. 

Mitchell, Michael S., R.A. Lancia, John A. Gerwin. 2001. Using Landscape-Level Data To Predict The Distribution Of Birds On A Managed Forest: Effects of Scale.  Ecological Applications.  11(6), 1692–1708.

Selected Past Publications

Zink, Robert M.; John A. Gerwin, D. Dittmann. 1989. Evolutionary Genetics of Phalaropes.  Auk 106(2): 326–331.

Gerwin, John A., R.M. Zink. 1989. Phylogenetic Patterns in the genus Heliodoxa (Aves: Trochilidae): an allozymic perspective.  Wilson Bull. 101(4): 525–544.

Gill, Frank B., John A. Gerwin. 1989. Protein Evolution in Hermit hummingbirds.  Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phil. 141: 409–421.

Cohen, B.L., A.J. Baker, K. Blechschmidt, D.L. Dittmann, R.W. Furness, J.A. Gerwin, A.J. Helbig, J. De Korte, H.D. Marshall, R.L. Palma, H.U. Peter, R. Ramli, I. Siebold, M.S. Willcox, R.H. Wilson, R.M. Zink.  1997. Enigmatic phylogeny of skuas (Aves: Stercorariidae).  Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 264(1379): 181–190.

Gerwin, John A., R.M. Zink. 1998. Phylogenetic Patterns in the Trochilidae. Auk 115(1): 105–118.