Research & Collections

John Gerwin

Curator of Ornithology


B.S., University of Minnesota, 1985
M.S., Louisiana State University, 1987

Other Appointments

Graduate student co-adviser, “at large,” North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Research Interests

I currently do research on the life cycles of migratory birds, with a focus on breeding biology. I do some work on the non-breeding component of some species as well. I currently study Painted Bunting (NC/SC), Black-throated Green Warbler (NC), Swainson’s Warbler (NC/SC), Golden-winged Warbler (Nicaragua), and plan to add Worm-eating Warbler in 2013. I did a collaborative study of breeding Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in NC for several years; those data are being analyzed. I primarily use radio telemetry to study space use, nesting chronologies and reproductive success.  I am involved in collaborative projects looking at stable isotope chemistries in Swainson’s, Wilson’s, and Kentucky warblers.  I am also involved in a collaborative population genetics study of several species, including Black-throated Green Warbler and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.  I am involved in a “working group” that is assessing the breeding status and conservation needs of the Black-capped Petrel on the island of Hispaniola.

Painted Bunting

Grants and other logistical support from the USFWS, SC DNR, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, NPS and private groups support much of the field and lab work.

I am the Chairperson for the Scientific Council on Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Birds of NC.  I serve on the Board of the Wake Audubon Society, and the Important Bird Areas Technical Committee for Audubon NC.  I serve on the NC Partners In Flight advisory committee.  I co-lead ecotours to local, national and international destinations. I have been co-leading an annual bird banding/ecotour trip to various Shade-coffee plantations in northern Nicaragua since 2005.

Selected Publications

Savage, Amelia L., Chris Moorman, John A. Gerwin, Clyde Sorenson. 2010. Prey Selection by Swainson’s Warblers on the Breeding Grounds.  Condor 112(3):605-614.  

Simons, Theodore R. Jaime Collazo, David Lee, and John A. Gerwin. 2006. Conservation status of Black-capped Petrels (Pterodroma hasitata): colony surveys at Sierra de Baoruco, Dominican Republic, January 2002.  December 2002 (Chap 3. from Simons et al. 2006 compendium prepared for USFWS)

Hazler, Kirsten R., A. Amacher, R. A. Lancia, John A. Gerwin. 2006. Factors Influencing Acadian Flycatcher Nesting Success In An Intensively Managed Forest Landscape.  Journal of Wildlife Management.  70(2) 532-538.  

Peters, Kimberly A., R.A. Lancia, John A. Gerwin. 2005. Swainson’s Warbler Habitat Selection in a Managed Bottomland Hardwood Forest. Journal Of Wildlife Management 69(1): 409–417.

Mitchell, Michael S., R.A. Lancia, John A. Gerwin. 2001. Using Landscape-Level Data To Predict The Distribution Of Birds On A Managed Forest: Effects of Scale.  Ecological Applications.  11(6), 1692-1708.

Recent and Selected Past Publications