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Citizen Science at the Museum

We offer many opportunities for visitors to learn about or participate in citizen science throughout the Museum.  Stop by any of these locations during your visit to get involved in science!

Citizen Science Center

Girl working on a computer in the Citizen Science Center in the NRC

Located on the first floor of the NRC, the Citizen Science Center is our main exhibit devoted to citizen science.  Inside you’ll learn about ways that you can contribute to citizen science, hear participants talk about their experiences as citizen scientists, and learn about some of the scientists and citizen scientists who have left their mark on science.  Our Citizen Science Center also features recent discoveries made by people just like you and the first permanent exhibit of E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth, a groundbreaking interactive eTextbook.

Citizen Science Cart Programs

The citizen science cart makes periodic appearances on the first floor of the NRC.  If you see the cart, come on over and say “Hi!”  We’re happy to teach you something new and introduce you to exciting ways that you can become a part of science.

Prairie Ridge Ecostation

Prairie Ridge Ecostation is the backyard of the Museum, a 45-acre field station and nature center just a few miles from downtown Raleigh.  Look for guided citizen science programs on our schedule or stop by to collect data on your own through one of the many citizen science smartphone apps currently available.

Investigate Labs

Girl in DNA Fingerprinting class in Micro World Investigate LabWant to contribute to science during your visit?  Visit one of our Investigate Labs in the NRC and ask how you can participate in citizen science.

Research Labs

Our scientists are busy doing research in both the Main Building and the NRC, and sometimes they need your help.  During your visit, learn more about how people like you are helping our scientists learn more about animal migrations, the insects and other arthropods that live in your home, the bacteria that live in your armpits, and our universe by visiting the displays outside the Research Labs in the NRC.  Museum scientists are working hard to develop new projects that you can participate in too.

SECU Daily Planet Theater

Attend a talk in the Daily Planet to learn more about how citizen scientists are helping scientists learn more about our world and our universe!  Check the schedule of talks for more information

Become a Citizen Science Volunteer

The citizen science program at the Museum needs volunteers!  If you’re interested in getting involved in our cart program or with the citizen science programming at Prairie Ridge, please fill out a volunteer application and choose Citizen Science when it asks where you would like to work in the Museum.

Citizen Science News

Sign up for the Museum’s citizen science newsletter and be the first to get citizen science news, schedules of events, and information about new and exciting citizen science opportunities.  You’ll typically receive 1-3 e mails a month.

You can also follow the citizen science happenings at the Museum on our Google+ page!

Learn More

Want to learn more about the curent citizen science projects at the Museum? Visit our Current Projects page for our current offerings, or you can return to our main citizen science page.