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Triangle SciTech Expo

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Apr. 5, 2014 | Saturday, 9:00am
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Location: Museum of Natural Sciences

Triangle Sci-Tech Expo posterThe North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, in partnership with the North Carolina Science Festival, invites you to the Triangle SciTech Expo on Saturday, April 5, 2014. Triangle SciTech Expo, an integral part of the NC Science Festival, is a large and growing educational event that last year attracted more than 6,000 visitors.

The Expo features more than 50 hands-on exhibits, games, crafts and activities, as well as a series of presentations. Triangle SciTech Expo is a unique event that brings together scientists and technical professionals from universities, organizations and industry to engage visitors of all ages in the excitement of science and technology.



Biotechnology Tractor Trailer
Johnston Community College & BioNetwork

ECU Pirates: Walking the Plank of Science
Brody Graduate Association

Biotech For Life

Explore STEM with Hands-On Science FUN!
High Touch High Tech of RDU

1st Floor Main Building

Modeling the DNA Molecule
Ron Monti

Scavenger Hunt

Tabletop Chemistry Demonstration
Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity of UNC Chapel Hill

Healthy Lungs, Happy Living!
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

Super Bouncy Balls
Mad Science

What a BRITE Idea ... Biotechnology!

Applications of Biotechnology to Enhance Crop Productivity

Innovation Yields Results
BASF Plant Science

Fostering the Future of Biomanufacturing
Biomanufacturing and Process Development (BPD), NC Biotech Center Intellectual Exchange Group

The Chemistry of Life
The North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society

STEM Careers in Energy and Sustainability
North Carolina New Schools

Plankton and Its Importance
Dillard Drive Middle School

Gila Monsters and Medicine: Lizard Spit in Your Drugs!
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

2nd Floor Main Building

Advancing Agriculture
NC State Plant Pathology Department

Wearable Robotic Exoskeletons
Human PoWeR Lab

Kelly Scientific: Picture Yourself as a Scientist
Kelly Scientific Resources

Biotech Buttons!
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

3rd Floor Main Building

DNA and Traits
Duke Outreach in Genetics and Genomics

So You Think You're a Modern Microbiologist?

Learn to Save a Life in Five Minutes.  Hands-only CPR Training.
Duke Clinical Research Institute & Race Cars

Medicine! All Shapes and Sizes!
Campbell University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Biogen Idec

Robotics in the Classroom
Cardinal Gibbons High School

Improving Life Through Science and Engineering
NNE Pharmaplan

Museum of Life and Science — The Lab
Museum of Life and Science

Talk About It: Speech Science
Business Speech Improvement

Chemistry's Rainbow
ISPE, UNC-CH Chapter

1st Floor NRC

Aerial Assist — Robotics in Motion
NC FIRST Robotics

Animal Architects
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Environmental Wheel of Knowledge
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Drug Discovery and Development

Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds Initiative
Time Warner Cable

2nd Floor NRC

Plant Biology for Kids
North Carolina State University

Animals of Biotechnology
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Hairy Things That Go Bump in the Night
NCSU Materials Science Engineering

3rd Floor NRC

Discover the Amazing World of Microbiology with NC State Students in Dr. Alice Lee's General Microbiology Class
Micro World Investigate Lab


Talk Schedule

Windows on the World
10:00 am Robots!
Marie E. Hopper, Executive Director, NC FIRST Robotics
All ages welcome
A demonstration of robots built by high school students in only six weeks. These 150 lb. machines can do amazing things while also teaching students about teamwork and overcoming failure.
11:00 am From Space Origami to 3D Printing: Coolest Math Occupations to Try at Home
Dr. Maria Droujkova, Natural Math
Ages 8 and older, please
Meet adventurous math people, explore the tools they use, and try them at home.
noon Geology/Tech: Toys and Energy Beams
Dr. Chris Tacker, Curator of Geology, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
All ages welcome
Technology has greatly advanced our ability to see. In the geosciences, the whole electromagnetic spectrum is used, with incredible results.
1:00 pm You Can Save a Life: The Importance of Bystanders in Cardiac Arrest
James Jollis, MD, FACC, Regional Approach to Cardiovascular Emergencies
Ages 8 and older, please
This presentation will describe the differences between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Participants will also learn appropriate actions to take for these emergencies and see a 'mock rescue.'
2:00 pm The States of Matter
Dr. Sol Levine, NCSU Emeritus, American Chemical Society
All ages welcome
Using various chemicals, the properties of the states of matter are presented in an amusing and educational manner.
3:00 pm The States of Matter
Dr. Sol Levine, NCSU Emeritus, American Chemical Society
All ages welcome
Using various chemicals, the properties of the states of matter are presented in an amusing and educational manner.


SECU Daily Planet Theater
10:00 am Lean Manufacturing in Pharma and Biotech
David Tiffany, Senior Consultant, NNE Pharmaplan
Ages 8 and older, please
The presentation will discuss the basics of Lean Manufacturing and explore applications in Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries.
11:00 am NASA Technology for Space and on Earth
Alan Rich, NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology
All ages welcome
A quick look at the science and technology developed by NASA for use in space and at home on Earth.
1:00 pm Journey to the Nobel: If It Is Not Impossible, I Can Do It
Deb Bailey, Co-Coordinator, Micro World Investigate Lab, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Ages 8 and older, please
Emerging from the devastation of Nagasaki, Osamu Shimomura moved forward with determination and amazing perseverance to discover one of the most revolutionary advances in research and medicine today: Green Fluorescent Protein. His is a story of success over insurmountable odds, in his quest to seek pure truth in science and nature.
2:00 pm Building Bionic Limbs
Helen Huang, Associate Professor, NCSU/UNC Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering
Ages 8 and older, please
Huang will present technology that interfaces mechanical prosthetics with the human nervous system. This technology enables limb amputees to operate their prostheses by intent from the brain.
3:00 pm Biosimilars — Risks and Opportunities
Charles Jagun, DBAc, NewWave Concepts, Inc
All ages welcome
This presentation will highlight current trends in biosimilar commercialization in light of draft FDA guidelines on biosimilar development.


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Sponsored in part by Biogen Idec Foundation