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Teen Science Cafe: The Science Behind the Sniff: What Does the Dog's Nose Know?

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Science Talks
Nov. 1, 2013 | Friday, 6:00pm
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Location: Nature Research Center - The Daily Planet Café

Cat Warren and her dog SoloDogs have been trained to sniff out explosives, illegal drugs, missing people, human remains and much more. Working dogs’ abilities may seem magical or mysterious, but in this Teen Science Cafe, Cat Warren shows the multifaceted science, the rigorous training, and the skilled handling that underlie the amazing abilities of dogs who work with their noses.

We'll look at training samples, watch video of scent dogs working, and consider some recent rigorous scientific studies that both explode myths and confirm what we know: under the right conditions, the dog’s nose has amazing capabilities.

Copies of Cat Warren’s new book What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs will be available for purchase and signing on the night of the Café.

About the Speaker

Cat Warren is an associate professor at North Carolina State University, where she teaches science journalism, editing, and reporting courses. She has an admittedly odd hobby: She and her German Shepherd have spent the last seven years searching for the dead. Solo is a cadaver dog. What started as a way to harness Solo’s unruly energy and enthusiasm soon became a calling that introduced Warren to the hidden and fascinating universe of working dogs, their handlers, and their trainers. 

Her new book What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs chronicles her experiences training Solo to be cadaver dog, stories about other working dogs and the people who love and manage them, and of her research into how dogs smell and why that matters.

She lives with her husband, David, and two German Shepherds, Solo and Coda, in Durham, North Carolina. 

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