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Special Talk: Soames Summerhays: Ocean Futures

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Science Talks
Apr. 26, 2013 | Friday, 11:45am
Location: Nature Research Center - SECU Daily Planet Theater

Soames SummerhaysSpecial guest and Brimley Bash lecturer Soames Summerhays will be giving a short talk about protecting our water cycle, including the role of museums, and inspiring students to care for the Earth's most critical element. He will also be speaking at 2pm Saturday.

About the Speaker

Filmmaker Soames Summerhays began his career as a biologist and later specialized in marine biology and oceanography during his postgraduate studies with the intent to work in marine conservation.

During the course of the following decade he led more than 100 shipboard expeditions to remote parts of the world, from Pole to Pole, lecturing on a broad spectrum of natural history topics. Before taking up film production in 1979, he also worked as a scientist and administrator for the Australian Government setting up Marine Parks along the Great Barrier Reef, and this led to his first Imax® film by the same title in 1981.

Since then, Summerhays has produced and directed many large format films for destination theaters, theme parks, world expositions and giant screen theaters in spectacular locations all across the USA as well as such countries as Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Galapagos and other remote locations worldwide.

He had the privilege of working closely with Museum Director Emlyn Koster, PhD on the Imax® production, Ocean Oasis, about Baja California and the Sea of Cortés.  With Emlyn's guidance the film won numerous prestigious international awards, and its bi-lingual educational program were used extensively for education and outreach in Baja California, Mexico. Emlyn Koster notes that working "with Soames on Ocean Oasis was a wonderful collaboration that played a major role in catalyzing the creation of the Gulf of California as a World Heritage site."

Turtle Reef is a new emotionally inspiring story that explores the intimacies of the relationships between creatures on a coral reef in Hawaii during a 24-hour period. The film's narrative is based upon past and present research by reef scientists who are gradually unlocking the secret lives of coral reef denizens. As the story of Turtle Reef unfolds we come to realize how closely their lives, their struggles and their partnerships parallel our own.