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Science Thursday: The Genius of Dogs

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Science Talks
Science Cafe
Feb. 28, 2013 | Thursday, 7:00pm
Location: Nature Research Center - The Daily Planet Café

Labrador Retriever (Webster)Dogs are among the most extraordinary species on the planet because of their compatibility with humans and the ongoing evolution of the canine-human relationship. They are not only pets but also work alongside us in careers ranging from military and police work to special needs and hospice care. They can make inferences and read human gestures, and they can retain hundreds or even thousands of words. Yet, despite the incredible range of their abilities, canines have been largely ignored by scientific researchers. Evolutionary anthropologist and dog lover Brian Hare has helped transform the landscape of scientific research in the area of dog intelligence. Did we domesticate dogs or did they domesticate us?  Join us for this in-depth discussion about Man’s Best Friend.

About our speaker

Dr. Brian Hare is a leader in the surging field of dog cognition. He is the founder and director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center and associate professor in evolutionary anthropology at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, a division of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences at Duke University. Hare received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and is the co-author (with his wife Vanessa Woods) of the new book, “The Genius of Dogs: How Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think.”

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