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Science Saturday: What Rock Have You Been Under?

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Science Talks
Dec. 6, 2014 | Saturday, 11:00am
Ages 8 and older
Location: Museum of Natural Sciences - SECU Daily Planet Theater

The Search for Northern Two-Lined Salamanders in North Carolina

Nathaniel T. Akers, Nash Community College

Presently, only three species of two-lined salamanders are recorded to occur in North Carolina. Here, we present data examining the occurrence of a species of two-lined salamander that has not yet been recorded in North Carolina.

Two-lined salamander. Photo: Nate Akers.

Science Saturdays is a series of lectures and demonstrations that are held on the first Saturday of each month in the SECU Daily Planet Theater at 11 am. The presentations mainly target middle- and high-school students, but everyone is welcome to attend.

Science Saturdays are held in partnership with the NC State University Biomedical Engineering Department and are funded through NC Space Grant.

Photo: Nate Akers