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Science Saturday: Extinction Is Forever: Or Is It?

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Science Talks
Nov. 1, 2014 | Saturday, 11:00am
Ages 8 and older
Location: Nature Research Center - SECU Daily Planet Theater

Passenger Pigeon, Ectopistes migratorius, juvenile (left), male (center), female (right), offset reproduction of watercolor by Louis Agassiz FuertesJohn A. Gerwin, Research Curator of Ornithology

2014 is the 100th anniversary of the death of the last Passenger Pigeon. Gerwin will discuss this and other extinction events of various animals from the Southeast. He will also describe a project proposed to bring back the Passenger Pigeon.

This talk will feature:

  • A specimen table.
  • A “Fold the Flock” origami station.
  • A Book Sale - “The Lost Bird Project.” A limited number of signed copies will be available.

11am: John Gerwin will give a talk about Passenger Pigeons.
1pm: Free screening of “The Lost Bird Project” film.

About the Film

Gone and nearly forgotten in extinction, the Labrador Duck, the Great Auk, the Heath Hen, the Carolina Parakeet, and the Passenger Pigeon leave holes not just in the North American landscape but in our collective memories. Moved by their stories, sculptor Todd McGrain set out to create memorials to the lost birds

The Lost Bird Project is a film about public art, extinction and memory.  It is an elegy to five extinct North American birds and a thoughtful, moving, sometimes humorous look at the artist and his mission.

Science Saturdays is a series of lectures and demonstrations that are held on the first Saturday of each month in the SECU Daily Planet Theater at 11 am. The presentations mainly target middle- and high-school students, but everyone is welcome to attend.

Science Saturdays are held in partnership with the NC State University Biomedical Engineering Department and are funded through NC Space Grant.