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Science Cafe: The Real CSI

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Science Talks
Aug. 14, 2014 | Thursday, 7:00pm
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Discussion starts at 7pm, followed by Q&A
Location: Nature Research Center - The Daily Planet Café

The Real CSI with the NC State Crime Lab

“If it bleeds, it leads!”  That age-old expression sure seems true when you turn on the evening news.  But did you ever think about what happens to evidence collected at the scene once the cameras are off?  In honor of National Forensic Science Week, six Forensic Scientists, each representing a different section of the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory, will present an overview of the lab and explain each section’s responsibilities and capabilities.  Is real life like “CSI”?  Discover the truth during this Science Café! 

About Our Speakers

The North Carolina State Crime Laboratory has served the people of North Carolina since 1937, where it originated as a branch of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.  Since 2012, the State Crime Lab has existed as an independent agency under the Department of Justice.  The laboratory system consists of the Raleigh Crime Lab, a full-service laboratory, the Western Regional Crime Lab in Asheville and the Triad Regional Crime Lab in Greensboro.

Laboratory analysts examine a wide variety of evidence related to criminal investigations free of charge to any public law enforcement agency in North Carolina.  They perform in-depth analyses, generate laboratory reports and provide expert testimony in courts throughout the state.  Consultation on the value, collection, and preservation of evidence, as well as assistance processing crime scenes is available to agencies upon request.

  • Ben Trotter:  Digital Evidence – Forensic Scientist I.
  • Nancy Gregory:  Drug Chemistry and Toxicology – Forensic Scientist Supervisor.
  • Jen Slish:  Firearms and Tool Marks – Forensic Scientist I.
  • Jennifer Elwell:  Forensic Biology – Forensic Scientist Supervisor.
  • Laura Miller:  DNA Database – Forensic Scientist I.
  • Summer Maffett:  Latent Evidence– Forensic Scientist II.
  • Alison Gantt:  Trace Evidence– Forensic Scientist II.

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