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Science Cafe: Can Forests Take the Heat?

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Science Talks
Nov. 21, 2013 | Thursday, 7:00pm
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Discussion begins at 7pm followed by Q&A
Location: Nature Research Center - The Daily Planet Café

Tree under the Manhattan bridge by Flickr user Mo RizaTrees make cities more livable. They cool the environment, filter pollutants from the air, and can even improve human health. Unfortunately, the stresses of urban living make many trees unhealthy. For example, research shows that one of these stresses, heat, increases pest abundance on urban trees. In this Science Café we will discuss the importance of urban trees, effects of urban warming on tree health, and the implications of climate change for natural forests.   

About Our Speaker

Steve Frank is Assistant Professor in the Department of Entomology at North Carolina State University. His lab conducts research on pests in greenhouses, nurseries and urban landscapes. By understanding the factors that lead to pest outbreaks they hope to develop sustainable management practices that protect urban trees, the environment and human health. 

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Photo by Flickr user Mo Riza