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Science Café: Poetry Scope

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Science Talks
Science Cafe
Jan. 24, 2013 | Thursday, 7:00pm
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Discussion beginning at 7:00 followed by Q&A
Location: Museum of Natural Sciences - The Daily Planet Café

Join us for Poetry Scope, an evening of science through the lens of poetry. Five Triangle-area poets will read and discuss their science-inspired poems, which were selected from more than 50 poems submitted for consideration because of their scientific content, connection to the Museum, and diverse representation of the natural sciences. 

About our Speakers

Alissa Bernholc has an MPH in biostatistics, but has been fascinated with the beauty and mystery of life since she was 12 years old when she captured paramecia from a brook and nurtured them in a jar for a science fair. She has been writing poetry as a hobby for many years, and is now trying to use that poetry to illuminate a world that seems so unappreciated. 

Glenn Cassidy has a Bachelor’s degree from MIT and a Doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon in Public Policy. He has written poems about human behavior and institutions, matrix algebra, orders of infinity, the square root of negative one, Schrödinger’s cat, and the British word aluminium. His latest short story, Hearts and Minds, about a gay soldier during the Iraq War, is in the new Main Street Rag anthology Aftermath: Stories of Secrets and Consequences. 

Angela Kirby has a BA in Creative Writing from Duke and owns a graphic design company. She has published a handful of poems, won a couple of writing awards, and is working on a sci-fi/fantasy novel. Writing is her first love; science is a close second. 

Alice Osborn is a poet, editor, coach and marketing consultant for writers. She has three collections of poetry (After the Steaming Stops, Right Lane Ends and Unfinished Projects) and is editor of the short fiction anthology, Tattoos. She has taught classes and writing workshops to hundreds of aspiring authors from nine to 90, both in person and online. 

Pamela Taylor is a data guru by day and a poet by night. She has a PhD in Social Psychology, an MFA in Writing, and is a Cave Canem Fellow. Her blog,, is geared toward poets with non-literary careers. 


Science Cafés happen every Thursday night at the Museum!