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Science Behind Homebrewing

This program is cancelled.
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Workshop or Trip
May. 22, 2014 | Thursday, 6:00pm
Adults only
Location: Nature Research Center - Natural World Investigate Lab - 2nd Floor
$10 per participant.

Have you ever wondered about homebrewed beer: what it involves and what it really takes to get started? Or have you ever tried homebrewing but it didn’t quite turn out the way you had hoped?  What is really going on during the process of brewing beer anyway?

Join us for an introduction to homebrewing complete with a live demonstration of the brewing procedure using a simplified one gallon recipe!  We will cover the ingredients, all necessary basic equipment, the steps in making your first batch, a little on the science behind these steps, and why each part is vital to helping you produce a quality, tasty beer in your own kitchen!

* We will not be sampling any beer during the class but we will provide you with the skill set to produce your very own craft brew!*

Program Instructors: Colin Brammer and Andy Kauffman, Museum Educators

Registration information: Fill out online, print and mail the Museum’s Registration Form with payment.

For more information contact Debbie Huston, scheduling coordinator, at 919.707.9840.