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Reptile & Amphibian Day

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Mar. 15, 2011 | Tuesday, 7:00pm
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Location: Museum of Natural Sciences -

Theme: Conservation: Threatened and Endangered
Focus: Year of the Turtle

Jeff Beane holding bog turtle.  Photo: David SawyerBryan Stuart holding Bog TurtleReptile and amphibians include some of the most unique animals in the world, and many of them are quickly disappearing.  Come learn about and meet threatened reptiles and amphibians, the challenges they face, and how you can help.  You will also be able to meet unique, fascinating, LIVE reptiles and amphibians from across NC and around the world!

Event Floor Guide (PDF)

Reptile and Amphibian Day 2011: Year of the TurtleLearn about

  • Box Turtles
  • Sea Turtles
  • Fossil Turtles
  • Softshell Turtles
  • Green Tree Pythons
  • Rattlesnakes
  • Dart Frogs
  • Crested Geckos
  • Herps of Nicaragua
  • North Carolina’s Salamanders
  • Native Endangered and Threatened Reptiles & Amphibians
  • How Frogs Jump
  • … and More!

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Presentation Schedule

WRAL Digital Theater
10 am

Gems in the Muck: The Bog Turtle in North Carolina

Jeffrey C. Beane, Herpetology Collections Manager
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

11:30 am

Saving an Endangered Species: Puerto Rican Crested Toads

Dr. Ryan DeVoe, Senior Veterinarian
North Carolina Zoological Park

1:30 pm

Sea Turtle Conservation in North Carolina

Matthew H. Godfrey, State Sea Turtle Biologist
NC Wildlife Resources Commission

3 pm

DNA and the Conservation of Asia’s Threatened Turtles

Bryan L. Stuart, Curator of Herpetology
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Windows on the World
9:45 am

Timber Rattlesnakes: Form, Function and Status in the Northeastern US

Dan Liebel, New York State Reptile Educator

11 am

Box Turtles in a Rapidly Developing World: Why Slow and Steady Needs a Hand

Kimberly Burge, Wildlife Educator, NC Wildlife Resources Commission

1 pm

Live Snake Feeding

2:15 pm

Veterinary Care for Reptiles and Amphibians

Dr. Stacey Leonatti, Avian and Exotic Animal Care

3:45 pm

Live Snake Feeding

Partnering Groups: Avian and Exotic Animal Care, Davidson College, NC Herpetological Society, NC Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, NC State Parks, NC State University, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Topsail Turtle Project, UNC-Greensboro.