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Open Minds Teen Science Café: Simple Rules to Move By

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Science Talks
Youth Science Program
May. 3, 2013 | Friday, 6:00pm
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6-7 pm
Location: Nature Research Center - The Daily Planet Café

Coordinated Movement in Groups of Animals and Teenagers

New research on animal movement is revealing how the amazing coordinated movements of animal groups, such as schools of fish or flocks of birds, are an emergent property of each individual following a few simple decision rules. At our May 3rd Open Minds Teen Science Café, Dr. Roland Kays will review these recent findings, and explain how he is testing some of these results in primates, for the first time, with a new baboon tracking program in Kenya. Then, he will lead us through an exercise to see if we can use flocking behavior like animals to effectively move through space and avoid predation!

The first 50 teens to arrive will be given a voucher for free food from the Daily Planet Café.  Teens are encouraged to arrive by 5:30pm.  Parents providing transportation for teens are welcome to explore the Museum and Nature Research Center during the event or enjoy the Teen Science Café program from the bar seating in the Daily Planet Café.

Troop of baboons on a country road in Tanzania

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