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Now Showing in the WRAL 3D Theater

Tickets: $5 Adults; $4 Senior, Student, & Military; $3 Children (3-12); $2 Members.

All of our films are about thirty minutes in length, and appropriate for most ages.

10:00 am Great White Shark 3D
11:00 am Dinosaurs Alive! 3D
noon Bugs! 3D
2:00 pm Great White Shark 3D
3:00 pm Bugs! 3D
4:00 pm The Last Reef 3D
1:00 pm Bugs! 3D
2:00 pm Great White Shark 3D
3:00 pm Dinosaurs Alive! 3D
4:00 pm Bugs! 3D


Special 3D Movie Showings

1:00 pm - This weekday timeslot (Monday–Friday) is available by special request only. Any movies in our current catalogue, including Space Junk and Tornado Alley, are available. 25 ticket minimum. Arrangements must be made two weeks in advance by calling the Museum Box Office at 919.707.9950.

Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure in 3D, narrated by Judi Dench. Journey to another world, where insects rule!Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure

Explore the extraordinary hidden world of insects, where a leaf weighs more than a car, rain drops feel like exploding hand grenades and a blade of grass soars like a skyscraper. Shot on location in the Borneo rainforest, Bugs! brings the beautiful and dangerous universe of its tiny stars up close and personal with cutting-edge technology that magnifies them up to 250,000 times their normal size. Don't miss this unforgettable, stunning film that reveals the dramatic, savage and awe-inspiring lives of these fascinating creatures. Narrated by Judi Dench.

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Great White Shark 3D - North Carolina Museum of Natural SciencesGreat White Shark 3D

“Great White Shark 3D” unravels the mystery of the creature we love to fear—the much maligned, misrepresented and misunderstood great white shark — and goes to the depths of human daring to tell the true story of its role atop the oceanic food chain.

“Our mission is to change people’s attitudes toward the great white,” said Steve McNicholas, co-director of the film. “It’s not the menacing, evil predator it’s made out to be. It’s simply performing its crucial role at the top of the ocean’s food chain.”

Three years in the making, “Great White Shark 3D” takes viewers around the world to great white hotspots in Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, and California. The film examines what we know about these incredible animals through the eyes of several people whose lives and work have become inextricably linked to the great white.

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Great White Shark 3D website

Titans of the Ice Age 3D

Titans of the Ice Age

 Titans of the Ice Age transports viewers to the ancient icy landscapes of North America, Europe, and Asia, investigating the causes and results of the ice age as we attempt to understand the Earth’s past and better prepare for its future.

Shown by special request only



The Last Reef: Cities Beneath the Sea. From the Creators of Wild Ocean.

The Last Reef

Exotic coral reefs, vibrant sea walls in the sub-arctic pulsating with anemones and crustaceans: these biodiversity hot spots are as vital to our lives as the rainforests. Groundbreaking macro 3D cinematography explores these cities beneath the sea.  

The Last Reef website

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Dinosaurs Alive! A Gigantic Adventure

Dinosaurs Alive!

See the earliest creatures of the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous in a 'life-sized' 3D presentation. Realistic and scientifically-accurate computer generated animation brings dinosaurs back to life!  

Dinosaurs Alive website

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Tornado Alley 3DTornado Alley

Traversing the “severe weather capital of the world,” Tornado Alley documents two unprecedented missions seeking to encounter one of Earth’s most awe-inspiring events—the birth of a tornado.  Filmmaker Sean Casey’s personal quest to capture the birth of a tornado with a 70mm camera takes viewers on a breathtaking journey into the heart of the storm.

Shown by special request only








Space Junk 3D posterSpace Junk 3D

50 years after launching our dreams into space, we’re left with a troubling legacy: a growing ring of orbiting debris that threatens the safety of earth’s orbits. SPACE JUNK is a visually explosive journey of discovery that weighs the solutions aimed at restoring our planet’s orbits.

Experience mind-boggling collisions, both natural and man-made. Soar for the stunning depths of Meteor Crater to an unprecedented view of our increasingly crowded orbits — 22,000 miles above earth. Join us as foremost expert Don Kessler, the “Father of Space Junk,” guides us through the challenges we face in protecting them, forging a new age of space discovery.

Shown by special request only