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Lost Ladybug Workshop

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Citizen Science
Workshop or Trip
Jun. 26, 2014 | Thursday, 5:00pm
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Pre-registration required; ages 18+
Location: Prairie Ridge Ecostation - Outdoor Classroom

Mother and daughter looking for ladybugsBringing citizen science into a classroom or incorporating it into an environmental education program is a great way to get your students involved in science!  In this workshop, we'll teach what you need to know to bring the Lost Ladybug Project to learners of nearly any age.  After an introduction to ladybugs and the project, you'll take part in hands-on activities that will help you identify ladybugs and give you experience collecting and reporting data to Lost Ladybug.  We'll demonstrate a variety of ways to get your students involved in the project and we'll send you home with the materials you'll need to collect data at your own site.  This is a fun citizen science project that is accessible to people of almost any age, so it is a great way to incorporate real scientific research into your teaching!