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First Friday: War of the Monsters

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Mar. 7, 2014 | Friday, 5:00pm
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Movie at 7pm
Location: Museum of Natural Sciences

Gamera vs Barugon posterAfter a treacherous expedition to retrieve a giant opal, disaster strikes when the opal reveals itself to be an egg which spawns the giant lizard/hellhound monster mashup known as Barugon! Armed with a deadly tongue and a destructive ray that shoots from its back, Barugon wreaks havoc on Japan until Gamera (the granddaddy of all mutant ninja turtles) comes to save the day. Don’t miss this epic on-screen battle! The movie starts at 7pm.

The alternately titled “Gamera vs Barugon” is the second of several daikaiju eiga (Japanese giant monster films) featuring Gamera the giant turtle. Between 1965 and 1980, Gamera battled a variety of MOUS’s (monsters of unusual size) onscreen, including Gyaos, Viras, Guiron, Jiger, Zigra and the vaguely descriptive Super Monster. Gamera wasn’t always the “good monster” — in “Godzilla vs. Gamera,” the big terrapin tussles with Godzilla (of course) and even Mothra, attacks Tokyo, then flies halfway around the world to give Chicago a beating (albeit under the influence of some other alien, mind-controlling creature). 

Speaking of mind control, at this month’s Teen Science Café (6pm, Daily Planet Café), you are invited to join scientists from NC State University’s Human PoWeR (Physiology of Wearable Robotics) Lab for a demonstration of a thought-controlled, lightweight, air-powered exoskeleton. This device, designed to assist or enhance human movement, uses a non-invasive technique called surface electromyography to turn motor commands from the spinal cord into controlled muscle movement of the legs. Attendees can even “test-drive” the thought-controlled artificial muscles! 

Last chance to get BOGO (buy one get one) adult admission to “Birds of Paradise: Amazing Avian Evolution” First Friday from 5 to 7pm. Found only in New Guinea and parts of Australia, birds-of-paradise are a case study in the power of evolution. This new exhibition highlights fascinating stories of groundbreaking research and adventure paired with amazing footage and photography from National Geographic. Prices: Free for Members; $6 for Adults; $4 for Children (3-12); $5 for Students, Seniors (65+) and Military. Last day is March 23.

The Museum stays open from 5 to 9 pm on the First Friday of every month, inviting visitors to witness a (classic) sci-fi or horror movie, wander through eye-catching exhibits, or enjoy food and beverages at the Daily Planet Café. Additionally, the Museum Stores offer after-hours shopping (till 7pm) and an opening reception for Anna Podris and Keith Norval, whose show “Distant Relatives: Dinosaurs and Birds” runs March 7-30 in the Nature Art Gallery. All exhibited art is for sale.