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Family Science Investigation: DNA “Fingerprints”

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Family Program
Oct. 16, 2012 | Tuesday, 2:00pm
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 2pm-4pm
Minimum age 10 (minors must be accompanied by an adult)
Location: Nature Research Center - Micro World Investigate Lab
$20/parent-child pair; $10 for each additional child

Crime shows abound, and with them, an abundance of previously foreign terms, such as DNA fingerprinting, restriction enzymes and gel electrophoresis. What do these terms mean, and can anyone learn to perform some of these methods?

In this class students will learn how to obtain a DNA “fingerprint.” They will perform gel electrophoresis, stain a completed gel, and deduce from the results who the “guilty party” is from a series of suspects. Along the way, they will learn exactly what is happening in these processes. Students gain technical knowledge as well as the confidence that comes from having this topic “demystified” and accessible.

Family Science Investigations programs offer families an opportunity to participate together in monthly science classes related to Museum research, including topics in ecology, paleontology, geology and biology. These classes are especially useful for  homeschoolers looking for additional reinforcement to curriculum goals, or any family group that simply enjoys learning together!

Program Instructor: Christy Flint and Deb Bailey, Coordinators of the Micro World Investigate Lab.

Registration information: Fill out online, print and mail the Museum’s Registration Form and Health Form with payment.

For more information contact Debbie Huston, scheduling coordinator, at 919.707.9840.