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Sidewalk Chalk Drawing

Local artist Paul Dumlao will be creating a giant underwater scene on the sidewalk using chalk. The colorful composition will feature some of the new Nature Research Center's collection, and will include stingrays, a Right Whale, the invasive lionfish, and more colorful critters.  Chalk will be available so you can add to the art, too!

Urban Bowling

Try your hand at bowling a strike with our giant 3-foot "Urban Tumbleweed" bowling ball made from used plastic grocery bags.

Animal Costume Fashion Show

Animal Costume Parade joined by Karen and the Chorus Frogs
11am on the SECU Daily Planet Stage
What are the best-dressed animals sporting this spring?  Find out in this musical showcase. Fashion fans of all ages will be delighted by the juvenile T. rex, leafcutter ants, Monarch Butterflies and Loggerhead Turtles joined by Karen Linehan and the Chorus Frogs for a hand clapping, foot stomping good time.

Paperhand Puppets

From their website: "Paperhand Puppet Intervention is dedicated to bringing many styles of puppetry and artistic expression to the Triangle area and the world.  These styles include: Giant puppets, masks, stilt dancing, rod puppets, shadows or silhouettes, and anything else we might make at any time. Our vision is inspired by our love for the earth and its creatures  (including humans) as well as our belief in justice, equality, and peace.  We are committed to creating multi-scaled and multi-disciplinary puppet performances that support this vision.

Paperhand’s mission is to make work that inspires people, promotes social change, and is deeply satisfying for everyone involved.  The puppet shows we create are a synthesis of many art forms including (but not limited to):sculpting, painting, music, dance, improvisation, costume/set design and theater."

Kid Power: Operation Lunchline

Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 8:30am, 10am & noon in the Museum Auditorium

"Kid Power's Operation Lunch Line — National Tour" is a highly interactive, 1-hour musical show, designed to help children in grades K–6 learn the value of good nutrition and exercise. Using spectacular visual effects in 3D, the audience joins Kid Power on an amazing journey inside the human body of a boy named Max, who feels lousy because he doesn't eat or move properly. Through audience participation the kids not only educate and motivate Max, but in doing so, learn they too are special, filled with all the "Kid Power" needed to develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to feel great by balancing food and movement.

Scrap Exchange Recylced Art Project

A traveling creative arts program with loads of colorful, fun, recycled materials for hands-on creativity. People of all ages will have a great time making things (anything they can think of — from hats to rockets to puppets to handbags) out of our fascinating variety of materials.

Improv Everywhere Mp3 Experiment (6:00:00 pm on Friday, 4/20)

A fun event for parents and their kids to participate in — very family friendly.

Here's the link to the ImprovEverywhere Mp3 Experiment Raleigh that will take place on Friday evening, April 20 precisely at 6 pm:

What is the Improv Everywhere Mp3 Experiment?

  • Shared experience of absurdity and scenes of chaos, joy and hilarity
  • Participatory - open to anyone who wants to play along
  • Playful — real fun begins at the clash of online and offline
  • Expect the unexpected
  • A YouTube moment