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An Evening of Insects

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Science Talks
Oct. 25, 2012 | Thursday, 6:30pm
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Talks start at 6:30pm; each runs approximately 15 minutes
Location: Museum of Natural Sciences - Museum Auditorium

Learn about the exoskeletons in your closet, the fascinating lives of bees, the camel cricket story and the unusual home of the state’s rarest butterfly as NRC and NC State entomologists present a series of short, buggy talks.

The Exoskeletons in Your Closet

Michelle Trautwein, Assistant Director of the Biodiversity Laboratory
Nature Research Center, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Come learn more about the many-legged, often unknown creatures that are your roommates!
Ages 8 and older.

Basement Bugs: The Camel Cricket Story

honeybees in their hive

Holly Menninger, Director of Public Science
Your Wild Life Program, NC State University
Menninger will share stories about a common, but poorly-studied resident of many homes: the camel cricket. Find out how you can help us learn more about this dweller of dark, damp places.
All ages welcome.

The Fascinating Lives of Bees

David R. Tarpy
Department of Entomology, NC State University
Honeybees have fascinated us for millennia.  Come explore some of the wondrous aspects of our official State Insect.
All ages welcome.

North Carolina’s Rarest Butterflies

Nick Haddad, Professor
NC State University
Fun facts about the rarest butterflies in North Carolina, and how we study them.
All ages welcome.

Sponsored by the North Carolina Entomological Society