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Coffee & Chocolate Night

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Jun. 26, 2014 | Thursday, 5:00pm
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5-8pm; talks will be held at 6:30, 7, and 7:30pm
Location: Museum of Natural Sciences - Rainforest Adventure Special Exhibition
FREE for Members; $5 per person for non-members if the discount codes are used.

Coffee and chocolatesCome to Rainforest Adventure on Thursday evening, June 26 and learn how important tropical forests are for two of our favorite foods, coffee and chocolate!  Join local coffee roasters and chocolatiers to learn about their products and even score a few samples (such as from Larry's Beans, Escazu and Videri Chocolates)! There will be short talks about coffee, chocolate and how healthy forest helps birds with Research Curator of Birds John Gerwin. The talks will start in the Rainforest Adventure special exhibit at 6:30pm (Coffee as a Sustainable Rainforest Crop: Nathan Phillips, Larry's Beans), 7pm (Nicaraguan Coffee, Birds, and People: John Gerwin) and 7:30pm (Making Rainforest-Alliance Certified Chocolates: Hallot Parsons, Escazu). 

For more information or to purchase tickets to the special exhibit (required), visit the Museum Box Office in person or buy tickets online here. For adult tickets ($5 per person), please use the discount code "COFFEE" and for Senior, Student, or Military tickets (also $5 per person), please use the discount code "CHOCOLATE."