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Chemistry Day

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Oct. 13, 2012 | Saturday, 9:00am
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Location: Museum of Natural Sciences

From native spiders and exotic scorpions to common milkweed bugs and beetles. Where else can you learn the difference between poison and venom as you meet bugs that employ each of these chemical defenses? Join in the fun and discover that chemistry is cool as the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the American Chemical Society concoct a day full of awesome chemistry experiments, exhibits and special presentations.

This annual event is fun for all ages but particularly aims to inform aspiring young scientists about careers in chemistry and local opportunities to get involved with others who share their interests.

Windows on the World Talk

States of Matter
Dr. William L. Switzer, Associate Professor Emeritus
North Carolina Section, American Chemical Society
(11:30am, 1pm and 2:30pm)

Featured Exhibits

3D Chemistry modelNature-inspired Nanomaterials
North Carolina Section, American Chemical Society

Fun with Dry Ice
North Carolina Section, American Chemical Society

Chemistry in Food
Alpha Chi Sigma, North Carolina State University

Simple and Exciting Family Chemistry
Alpha Chi Sigma, University of North Carolina

Chemistry in Action!
BASF Corporation

The Chemistry of Light: Essence of Luminescence 
Duke University Chemistry Outreach Program

Nanotechnology in Drug Discovery and Development

Invertebrate Venom and Chemical Defenses
NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Microfluidics: Making Science Small
UNC-Chapel Hill: Analytical Chemistry

Green Chemistry
US Environmental Protection Agency

Daily Planet Theater Presentations

Dr. David J. Kroll, Director of Science Communications
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Nature Research Center

Thermochromism: What's that? - (11:00 am)
A closer look at how things like T-shirts, beer bottle labels and CD boxed sets change color in response to light or temperature.

Good Chemistry Breaking Bad - (1:00 pm)
How legitimate research chemicals designed in university laboratories were taken by the illicit drug industry to make synthetic marijuana, “bath salts” and other designer drugs.

BREAKING NEWS: Nobel Prize in Chemistry - (3:00 pm)
Did you hear on Wednesday that Dr. Robert Lefkowitz at Duke University is co-winner of this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry? What does his research mean to you? Learn what Dr. Lefkowitz discovered about the chemistry going on in your body every minute in this special, last-minute session on this exciting recognition of a great North Carolinian.