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Biotechnology Day

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Jun. 30, 2012 | Saturday, 9:00am
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Location: Museum of Natural Sciences

Biotechnology Day: Saturday, June 30, 2012, 9am-4pmBiotechnology in Your Daily Life

ISPE and Kelly Services are partnering with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences for the inaugural Biotechnology Day: “Biotechnology in Your Daily Life!” The goal of this event is to educate the public (scientists and non-scientists) about the effects biotechnology has on our everyday lives. Let’s help demystify biotechnology for families around the Triangle! Organizations (companies, educational institutions, non-profits) from around the state will be participating with hands-on demonstrations, experiments and crafts. There will also be speakers throughout the day.


  • Mobile Unit: Walk around a hands-on training unit
  • Color & Name the Nucleotides.
  • Practicing with Pipettes
  • Yeast Respiration Demo
  • Sep-Pak Purple Drink Mix Color Separation.
  • Micropipette & Gel Loading Station
  • Kool-aid Column Chromatography


Daily Planet Schedule

Time Title Presenter
10am A Drug Comes to Market Pam Paulsen, Senior Learning Technologist, PPD
11am Are You Taking Biotech Medicines? Tim Bloom, PhD, Vice Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Campbell University
noon The Primate Armpit Microbiome Project Julie Urban, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Genomics & Microbiology Laboratory
1pm A Day in the Life of Beer Sumit Vohra, CEO & Chief Drinking Officer Lonerider Brewing Company
2pm Why Drugs Are So Expensive Clare A. Matti, MA, RAC (US, EU), Assistant Director, Regulatory Services, Duke Clinical Research Institute
3pm Better Crops for a Better Future Joerg Bauer, PhD, BASF Corp

Windows on the World Schedule

Time Title Presenter
10:30am Development of Vaccines Against Insect-Borne Viral Diseases Malcolm Thomas, CEO Arbovax Inc
11:30am Taking the Good from the Bad: Protein Purification Techniques Used in the Biotechnology Industry Nii Odoi Oddoye, Senior Technology Engineer, Pfizer
2:30pm What Can Growing Plants in Space Teach Us about Growing Plants on Earth? Dr. John D. Mayfield, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Duke University Institute of Genome Science and Policy



  • BASF: “Plant Science Innovation Yields Results” – Take a look at DNA Extraction Techniques!
  • Bayer Crop Science: “Bayer CropScience – Science for a Better Life”
  • Biogen Idec: Partnering with BTEC (see below)
  • North Carolina State University BTEC: “Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing in your Life - Some Fun Experiments” - Grape Soda Column Chromatography and Starch Iodide Experiment
  • BioNetwork Capstone Center: “DNA Code Bracelet” – DNA Origami! Crack the DNA Vocabulary Code! Take a look at a Portable Hood with Particle Counter!
  • BRITE: “BRITE IS BIOTECHNOLOGY” – Gel Loading Stations – Learn how to Use a Micropipette!
  • Campbell University: “Biotech RX – Biomanufacturing Medications” – Coloring and Cutting out Nucleotides, Learning how to Pipette, Yeast Respiration Demonstration
  • Duke Clinical Research Institute: Learn CPR. Save a Life.
  • East Carolina University
  • Environmental Protection Agency: “Going Green: New Technologies for Environmental Studies” – Learn out tracking pollutants at a personal level and how they affect health!
  • FujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies:  “Biotechnology in Your Daily Life” - Fun Experiment Dealing with Ink and Filter Paper!
  • GrassRoots Biotechnology: “Tapping Into a Greener Future” – Take a look at a glow in the dark plant!!
  • Intrexon: “Biotechnology in Agriculture” - Examples of Plant Regeneration, Plant Tissue Culture, and Plants Used for Biofeuls.  Also DNA Extraction from Plants!
  • ISPE, Carolina-South Atlantic (CASA) Chapter: “There’s More to Biotechnology than Meets the Eye”
  • Johnston County Community College: “Biotech Basics for Everyone to Know” – Make Slime!!
  • Kelly Scientific Resources:   “Understanding the Immune Response” – Come play a fun game while learning how our bodies fight infections!
  • Liquidia
  • Medicago: “Plant-Based Vaccines” - Learn the Planting Process! 
  • Monsanto: “Applications of Biotechnology to Enhance Crop Productivity” -
  • North Carolina Biotechnology Center: VIDEO: "Heal, Feed, Sustain: How Biotechnology Can Help Save the World."
  • North Carolina FFA: “North Carolina FFA”
  • North Carolina State University Plant Pathology: “Advancing Agriculture”
  • Novozymes: “Rethinking Every Day Products with Biotechnology”  - Everyday Products that Utilize Enzymes!
  • Pfizer:  “Pfizer” – Take a look at the Filters, Clamps, Pipes, etc that are used in Biotechnology Everyday!  Also, come get the chance to see some bacteria plated!
  • UNC: “How Muscles Do Work: The Sarcomere”