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Bioluminescence & Fluorescence – Journey to the Nobel Prize

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Family Program
Workshop or Trip
Dec. 12, 2013 | Thursday, 6:00pm
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Thursday, December 12, 2013; 6:00pm-8:00pm
Minimum age 11(minors must be accompanied by a paying adult).
Location: Nature Research Center - Micro World Investigate Lab- 3rd floor
$10 per participant.

The principles of bioluminescence and fluorescence are explored and contrasted, as part of the exploration of Osamu Shimomura’s lifelong journey to discovery and the Nobel Prize. Starting in the ruins of Nagasaki, the class follows in his footsteps, repeating some of his experiments in such topics as protein chemistry; pH; bioluminescence – its history, mechanisms and uses; and GFP – its discovery, chemistry, and rise to a cutting-edge research tool.  Students will dissect Aequorea jellyfish similar to ones in his research, use pH meters, Green Fluorescent Protein, luciferin and luciferase extracts, and luminol to understand bioluminescence and fluorescence and how they are used today in ecology, toxicology, forensics, and medical and biological research.

Program Instructor: Deb Bailey, Coordinator for the Micro World investigate Lab.

Registration information: Fill out online, print and mail the Museum’s Registration Form with payment.

For more information contact Debbie Huston, scheduling coordinator, at 919.707.9840.

All classes are made available through the generosity of a grant from the Biogen Idec Foundation.