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Bees, Trees, and Macrophotography

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Science Talks
Nov. 1, 2013 | Friday, 6:00pm
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Talks run in order starting at 6pm and ending at 7pm.
All ages
Location: Nature Research Center - SECU Daily Planet Theater

NC Entomological Society Talks for First Friday

There will also be bug displays throughout the Museum.

Colony Collapse Disorder: How Are Our Honey Bees Doing?

David R. Tarpy
NC State University

The last six years has seen heightened awareness of the importance of bees, in large part because of a mysterious syndrome termed Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD.  The NC Extension Apiculturist will provide an update on how our bees are faring, and where we might go from here.

Assassin Bug by Matt BertoneUp Close and Entomological: Tips and Tricks for Insect Macrophotography

Dr. Matthew Bertone
NC State University, Plant Disease and Insect Clinic

Matt Bertone will discuss his experiences and give tips on how to achieve beautiful insect macrophotographs.

Scale Insects and the Future of Warmer Urban Trees

Emily K. Meineke
NC State University

Insect pests are more abundant in cities than in surrounding rural areas.  Though entomologists noticed this pattern more than a century ago, no consistent explanations have been found.  We show that scale insect pests are 12 times more abundant in the hottest urban areas and propose that the reason why many insect pests are more plentiful in cities is urban warming.

Photo: Assassin bug waiting for prey by Matt Bertone