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Aquatic Insect Identification

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Workshop or Trip
Apr. 27, 2013 | Saturday, 10:30am
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10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Pre-registration required at least 1 week in advance; ages 12+, minors must be accompanied by an adult
Location: Nature Research Center - Natural World Investigate Lab

Aquatic insects are an important part of nearly every freshwater system on the planet, yet they remain one of the most poorly understood groups of insects.  Peek into their fascinating lives in this hands-on insect aquatic identification program!  You’ll learn how to identify the major groups of aquatic insects based on their unique characteristics and practice your skills on real specimens collected from local water bodies.  You’ll also learn about some of the amazing adaptations that aquatic insects possess to survive in water.  This is a great introduction to aquatic insect identification for fishermen and anyone else with an interest in the little things that live in our water.  Contact Chris Goforth at 919.707.8882 or for more information or to register.

Note: a companion field experience will be offered the same day from 1:00-2:30pm at Prairie Ridge Ecostation at 4301 Reedy Creek Road.  You may attend Aquatic Insect Identification without attending Denizens of the Deep at Prairie Ridge, but the two programs are designed to provide a richer, more complete experience when taken together.  Contact Chris for more information.