Prairie Ridge Ecostation

The Great Backyard Bird Count

The 11th annual Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up this Friday through Monday, February 15-18. Join thousands of other bird watchers this weekend as they count birds for scientific research. Scientists from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will use the information that you collect to help discover new things about our local bird species.

We're hoping to top last year’s record-breaking event where participants submitted more than 81,000 checklists nationwide and placed North Carolina second in the nation with 4,515 checklists submitted!

Participating is simple. Just watch for birds for 15 minutes or more during one or more days of the count, and enter the highest number of each species seen at any one time on the Great Backyard Bird Count web site:  Scientists are always wondering what new areas will report the rapidly-expanding Eurasian Collared-Dove or what birds may be lingering farther north than their typical ranges.

White-throated sparrow        Mallard        Bird Watchers at Prairie Ridge

With over 100 bird species, Prairie Ridge makes an excellent place to look for birds this weekend.  Both common and not so common species can be seen at Prairie Ridge most any time of year. We will have bird checklists and information about the Great Backyard Bird Count available to visitors during the four day period.

We hope you’ll reach out to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers by personally inviting them to “Count for Fun, Count for the Future!” in the 2008 Great Backyard Bird Count.

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