Prairie Ridge Ecostation

Dog Stinkhorn

Mutinus caninus

The recent weather at Prairie Ridge has been particularly good for mushrooms.  One species that has made a recent appearance is the Dog Stinkhorn Mutinus caninus. This spectacular mushroom first emerges from a small egg shaped structure that can be found half-buried in soil or mulch. The bright orangish stalk quickly emerges displaying a band of dark olive colored fetid slime around its tip.  This slime contains the spores of the fungus and develops a rotten smell. The smell is used to attract flies that then inadvertently spread the spores by carrying them on their feet or in their stomachs. 

A dog stinkhorn mushroom        A dog stinkhorn mushroom with flies        

This mushroom can be found in mulch throughout the summer and autumn months. During your next visit be sure to look for the amazing Dog Stinkhorn in and around the landscaped areas of Prairie Ridge.