Prairie Ridge Ecostation

Prairie Ridge News Archive 2009

Prairie Ridge becomes the subject of area artists

Painters at Prairie RidgeThe PAINT North Carolina group, a group of local painters, has begun using the picturesque landscapes of Prairie Ridge as the subject for their recent works. The group specializes in “en plein air”, or in the open air, painting. They have an upcoming show of their works celebrating Prairie Ridge at the Museum’s Nature Art Gallery scheduled for February 2010.

The group will also be at the Ecostation for two dates in the fall. One of these dates will coincide with the Nature Journaling Workshop held on Tuesday, October 13, 2009. The next time you explore your artistic talents be sure to keep Prairie Ridge in mind.

— posted 5/1/09


Injured Snapping Turtle makes full recovery

An injured snapping turtle awaits transport to the NCSU Vet SchoolTwo State Facility Management staff members found an injured Common Snapping Turtle near the intersection of Edwards Mill Road and Reedy Creek Road on May 4, 2009. They brought the injured animal to Prairie Ridge Ecostation where Brian Hahn photographed the turtle and arranged for the North Carolina State University Veterinary School to treat its injuries.

The rehabilitated turtle was released on May 13, 2009 after a brief introduction to students engaged in a program at Prairie Ridge. Vet School officials estimated the male turtle to be between 15 and 30 years old, and had no idea why it would be found so far from water. Thanks to the quick action of the State Facility Management staff and the Vet School this turtle can look forward to a long and healthy life. If you find an injured turtle please call the Vet School’s turtle rehabilitation program at 919.982.5923.

— posted 5/1/09


Earth Day 2009

DENR Secretary Dee Freeman halps plant a treeThis Earth Day at Prairie Ridge Ecostation we celebrated by planting a native Pond Cypress tree. We were joined by a group of kindergartners from Brooks Museums Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh who spent part of the day enjoying a Discovery Fun program at Prairie Ridge. We also had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Dee A. Freeman, Secretary of the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Secretary Freeman and a group of the visiting students planted the Pond Cypress tree on the banks of Prairie Ridge's largest pond. As Red-winged Blackbirds sang overhead to establish their nesting sites, we observed tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs, and other small creatures as part of the students' pond study.


A family of Canada Geese at Prairie Ridge

The windy day ended with a family of Canada Geese making their way to the pond with their four new hatchlings. Consider coming out to Prairie Ridge this spring and enjoying all of the sights and sounds that nature has to offer.
— posted 4/24/09