Prairie Ridge Ecostation

Recycled Materials

How can furniture made from recycled materials be acquired for my personal use? Does it cost more than conventional furniture?

Numerous companies now offer furniture made from recycled materials and prices generally are not much more than non-recycled furniture.

One North Carolina-based company uses the wood from obsolete tobacco barns for tables, floors, doors and much more.

Baltix, a company based in Minnesota, is the supplier of Prairie Ridge’s tables. We purchased our tables for about $290 each.

Wheat chaff tables at Prairie Ridge

Are there any advantages of using recycled materials other than having the knowledge and satisfaction that the products have a high level of sustainable material content?

Using sustainable furniture eliminates the need to throw things “away,” which keeps material out of landfills and cuts the requirement for the initial harvesting of trees. In addition, many companies use materials that contain no adhesives, formaldehydes or VOC’s that can harm the environment.