Nature Research Center

2nd Floor Exhibits

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Natural World Investigate Lab

In this hands-on lab, visitors can use a variety of tools to observe and study the natural world – from plants and animals to your world and even yourself.

Researching Weather

Discover the many methods we use to study the weather: from weather balloons and rockets to weather stations and satellites.

Biodiversity and Earth Observation Research Laboratory

This laboratory will be the center for exploration of the flora and fauna of our community, state and planet. Studies will focus on such areas as mammalian movement ecology.

Science Panorama

Watch short science clips covering everything from ocean life to the formation of galaxies on this 170-degree panoramic screen that you can control using a touch screen computer.

Our Changing Climate

Watch videos that show evidence of climate change and hear scientists and non-scientists describe how climate change might affect your life.

SECU Daily Planet Theater

This unique three-story theater with a 45 X 45-foot HD screen and multi-channel surround sound plays host to cutting-edge science presentations and spectacular scenes from nature.

Diversity of Life – East

Discover how the relationships between humans and horseshoe crabs, or wolves and elk, or fish and mussels, are all important to biodiversity.

Diversity of Life – West

Learn about some of the many places we’re still looking for biodiversity — from tree top canopies to the deep sea — and how to effectively identify and count species in order to quantify biodiversity.

Naturalist Center

Explore some of the 20,000 education specimens ranging from fossils and bones to preserved reptiles and birds. Watch audio and video of certain specimens at one of two interactive tabletops.

One Planet One Health

Discover how the overall health of the environment directly affects the health of people, animals and other living things, because we all rely on the same natural resources for life.

Window on Animal Health

When’s the last time you watched a tree sloth have a physical? Or saw a tumor being removed from a copperhead? These are just a couple of the medical procedures you may see here.