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Inside the SECU Daily PlanetThe SECU Daily Planet

This unique three-story theater with a 45 X 45-foot HD screen and multi-channel surround sound plays host to cutting-edge science presentations and spectacular scenes from nature.
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Dr. Lindsay Zanno pointing out features of a duckbill dinosaur skull to visitors.Windows on Research

The NRC (Nature Research Center) features research labs where scientists from the Museum, University of North Carolina system schools, the Department of Environment & Natural Resources, or visiting scientists from industry or agency partners conduct their research while visitors observe “science in action” through floor-to-ceiling glass walls.
Research Labs: Astronomy & Astrophysics | Earth Observation & Biodiversity | Genomics & Microbiology | Paleontology & Geosciences


Fingerprint Forensics activityInvestigate Labs (iLabs)

In addition to the working scientists’ labs, there are also three Investigate Labs designed for visitors. These spaces provide visitors with a set of hands-on activities and research skill-building exercises to guide them through the process of using scientific tools and conducting scientific inquiry.
iLabs: Micro World | Natural World | Visual World


The Citizen Science CenterCitizen Science Center

Learn how to get involved in scientific research and try your hand at being a citizen scientist. Visitors can watch the birdfeeders at Prairie Ridge via live video feed and record which species they see.


Naturalist Center 1Naturalist Center

Explore some of the 20,000 education specimens ranging from fossils and bones to preserved reptiles and birds. Watch audio and video of selected specimens at one of two interactive tabletops.
Naturalist Center

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