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Patrick Treuthardt, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Astronomy Laboratory

Patrick TreuthardtScientific Specialties:  Extragalactic astronomy, galaxy morphology, dynamics, kinematics

Ph.D., Physics with Astronomy specialization, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, 2007  
M.S., Physics with Astronomy specialization, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, 2000  
B.S. (with Honors), Physics with an option in Astrophysics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM, 1998

Patrick's work deals with understanding the different forms and structures that make up galaxies and their connection to the supermassive black hole they harbor in their nucleus, as well as the enormous halo of dark matter they reside in.  Patrick collects spectroscopic data in order to measure the velocities of the gas and stars that make up a galaxy.  He collects multi-wavelength imaging data in order to measure and quantify the various observed structures.  He also produces dynamical simulation models in order to recreate what is observed both spectroscopically and through imaging.  Doing so allows him to routinely bridge the gap between the observational and theoretical realms of extragalactic astronomy.

Selected Publications

Buta, R., Treuthardt, P. M., Byrd, G. G., & Crocker, D. A.  2000.  Circumnuclear Star Formation in the Early-Type Resonance Ring Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1326, The Astronomical Journal, 120, 1289-1305.

Treuthardt, P., Buta, R., Salo, H., & Laurikainen, E.  2007.  The Kinematically Measured Pattern Speeds of NGC 2523 and NGC 4245, The Astronomical Journal, 134, 1195-1205.

Treuthardt, P., Salo, H., Rautiainen, P., & Buta, R.  2008.  The Bar Pattern Speed of NGC 1433 Estimated Via Sticky-Particle Simulations, The Astronomical Journal, 136, 300-311.

Treuthardt, P., Salo, H., & Buta, R.  2009.  Dynamical Simulations of NGC 2523 and NGC 4245, The Astronomical Journal, 137, 19-33.

Treuthardt, P., Seigar, M. S., Sierra, A. D., Al-Baidhany, I., Salo, H., Kennefick, D., Kennefick, J. & Lacy, C. H. S.  2012.  On the Link Between Central Black Holes, Bar Dynamics, and Dark Matter Halos in Spiral Galaxies, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 423, 3118-3133.

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