Junior Curator Program General Recommendation Form

The Junior Curator program is an educational program and a volunteer opportunity at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences for students in grades 8–12 who show a strong interest in the natural sciences. By participating in the JC Program, students will be able to increase their environmental awareness and knowledge of the natural sciences and then learn to effectively communicate their knowledge to others. They will also be given important responsibilities and must be very dependable. Your recommendation is very important in our consideration of the applicant, and your honest assessment and comments will be greatly appreciated. Based upon the student’s application and this recommendation from you we will determine whether to interview the applicant or not. It is therefore very important to hear confidentially from an unbiased adult who has worked with each applicant extensively. We may contact you to ask further questions.

Application deadline: April 14, 2014

Please answer the following questions and rate the applicant's skills
Select the appropriate response from the list, and write any comments in the fields provided. (1 is poor and 10 is outstanding.)
In answering this question please consider the applicant's general personality and attitude, regard for authority, and willingness to follow directions.
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