3rd Floor

Main building third floor map

Mountains to the Sea Overlook

Check out what lives in the treetops, find a waterfall’s beginning and enjoy a panoramic view of the second floor’s Piedmont and Coastal Plain before stepping into a serene Mountain Cove.

Mountains to Sea Overlook

Enjoy an expansive view of the woods and water from the Mountains to the Sea overlook.

Mountain Cove

The quiet Mountain Cove exhibit includes live animal displays, engaging dioramas and interactive elements.


Terror of the South

Winged pterosaurs fly overhead as a prehistoric battle wages in the Terror of the South exhibit. The predatory dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus pursues its 50-foot-long prey, a lumbering plant-eater.

Acrocanthosaurus skeleton

The Museum’s Acrocanthosaurus skeleton is the most complete specimen of its kind on display in the world.

Pleurocoelus and pterosaurs

The dramatic Terror of the South exhibit is lit from above and enclosed by a stunning glass dome.


Prehistoric North Carolina

Trace North Carolina’s paleo-past in this exhibit filled with authentic specimens discovered in the rich fossil beds of North Carolina’s coastal plains. Meet Willo, the remarkably-preserved dinosaur that lived at the end of the Cretaceous, and see the remains of a giant ground sloth that lived in North Carolina as recently as 10,000 years ago.

Willo, the dinosaur with a heart

Willo, the fossil of a small, plant-eating dinosaur, is the most complete Thescelosaurus ever found. Willo’s 65-million-year-old fossil includes ossified tendons and cartilage.

Prehistoric underwater tunnel

Dive in to meet some of the countless fish, whales, sharks and invertebrates that lived in Eastern North Carolina when it was covered by the ocean.


Tropical Connections

In the Tropical Connections exhibit hall, explore the relationships that North Carolina shares with the tropics and observe several tropical reptiles and amphibians. Discover the importance of biodiversity, at home and in the tropics.

Tropical Connections entrance

Watch the world turn and find your place in it in the Tropical Connections exhibit hall, which emphasizes the plant and animal relationships that North Carolina shares with the New World Tropics.

Tropical Connections interactive

Girls take a spin in the Tropical Connections gallery. Interactive exhibits like this one bring action and education to the Museum’s exhibit halls.


Windows on the World

Enjoy presentations and stories in the Windows on the World Demonstration Theater, where you will be offered the opportunity to touch live animals and objects from the Museum’s collections.

Windows on the World program

Exciting programs, including live animal shows, storytime and distance learning occur in the Windows on the World presentation theater.

Windows on the World

Visitors peer into the Windows on the World presentation theater as they await the next program.