4th Floor

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Arthropod Zoo

Did you know that butterflies, barnacles, spiders, lobsters and millipedes are related? In the Arthropod Zoo you can take a close-up view of these living creatures and find out about the important role they play in our global web of life.

Giant bees in the Arthropod Zoo

Larger than life arthropods greet you in the Arthropod Zoo, home to the insects, crustaceans, arachnids and other bugs that inspire fear and fascination in North Carolina.

Arthropod Zoo

It’s fun to explore all the creepy, crawly, underground and underwater arthropods of North Carolina.


Living Conservatory

Live butterflies accompany you as you explore the Museum’s Living Conservatory. Filled with tropical plants and animals, the Conservatory recreates the sights, sounds and smells of a dry tropical forest.

Living Conservatory

Discover a Central American dry tropical forest right here in North Carolina! You’ll see live turtles, snakes, butterflies and even a two-toed sloth in this immersive exhibit hall.

Butterflies feed in the Living Conservatory

Live butterflies flutter and feed in the Living Conservatory.


Acro Café

Watch the Living Conservatory’s live butterflies as you enjoy a light meal or refreshment in the Acro Café.

Acro Café

Sit down and relax in the Acro Café.

Acro café counter

Sandwiches, snacks, hot meals, drinks and more are offered in the Acro Café.


Naturalist Center

The Naturalist Center is now located on the second floor of the Nature Research Center