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North Carolina Wildlife

Curiosity Classes Find out where wildlife lives in your area - from the mountains to the coast, to your own backyard. October 7, 2014 - May 29, 2015

pH: The Secret Alliance of Kidneys and Lungs

iLab Investigate how two very different organs, the kidneys and the lungs, work together to keep the human body in its narrow, life-sustaining pH range. October 8, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Photosynthesis Lab

iLab In this class students will design and conduct experiments which test a plant’s ability to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. October 8, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Plant Genetics: Walking with Mendel

iLab This introduction to the principles of Mendelian genetics includes topics such as dominant and recessive traits, expected vs. actual ratios of inheritance, and Parent vs. F1 and F2 generation characteristics. October 7, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Prairie Ridge Ecosystems 1

Explore the prairie and the pond, searching for producers, consumers, and decomposers. How do all of these plants and animals depend on each other? October 8, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Prairie Ridge Ecosystems 2

Explore the forest floor or the pond, searching for the producers, consumers, and decomposers. How does energy move through this ecosystem? October 8, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Properties of Matter

iLab Delve into the properties of matter by doing experiments with density, buoyancy, mass and density. October 7, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Rocks Stories

Discovery Room Share a journey through time with three rocks: metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. October 7, 2014 - June 30, 2015

Rodent Robbers: How Thieving Rodents Help Forest Trees Regenerate

Interactive Video Conferencing Meet Dr. Roland Kays and learn about his research on rodents and how they help regenerate new forests. Year round

Soils, Seeds, and Plants

Explore properties of soils: water retention, texture and color. October 8, 2014 - May 29, 2015

The Key to Classification

iLab January 5 - May 29, 2015

Tropical Biodiversity

Living Conservatory Observe live plants and animals characteristic of a Central American dry tropical forest . October 6, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Tropical Bugs and their North Carolina Cousins

Living Conservatory Learn about the unique natural histories and unusual adaptations of several tropical arthropods and their North Carolina counterparts. October 6, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Virtual Science Sessions (Informal Learning Centers)

Interactive Video Conferencing Connect your group live with a Museum educator or scientist. These sessions are designed to meet the needs of informal learning centers such as public libraries, after school programs, and hospitals. Available year round

Weather Wonders

iLab By applying real-world applications of science concepts and procedures using computer applications students will learn about weather events. October 9, 2014 - May 29, 2015

What Lives Here

Explore the prairie and its woodland edge looking for signs of life. September, October 2014 & April, May 2015

Wild Exploration

Take a hike with a naturalist, sharpen both senses and powers of observation to discover animal signs and plant development. October 7, 2014 - May 29, 2015

Your Backyard in Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer

Discovery Room Meet live backyard animals such as box turtles, rabbits and snakes. October 7, 2014 - June 30, 2015