Online Adventures

You're just a click away from adventures to fascinating places. Your class can explore the wonders of the deep sea or the marvels of Belize by submitting questions to Museum staff and North Carolina educators in the field. The travelers’ responses will be posted on our blogs along with daily reports and data you can use for projects in the classroom or at home.


Canopy Meg Lowman climbing a Great Kapok tree

Amazon Rainforest Workshop


Benthic Lander

Deepwater Canyons: Pathways to the Abyss


Elk grazing

Yellowstone in Winter



Yellowstone National Park Institute


Masked Booby with eggs

Ecuador Ecology & Culture Institute


spider monkey

Tropical Ecology Institute


Lophelia coral

Life on the Edge: Extreme Corals


polar bear

Arctic Expedition


Marine Mammal Institute blog

Marine Mammal Institute


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